About us

My name is Dan, I’ve been starting businesses for as long as I can remember. This E book is everything you will ever need to know about starting a business from scratch, and scaling it to that next level that you’re pushing towards.

If you have an interest in starting a business, I can guarantee this E book will put you years ahead in business knowledge from the start. In terms of price, this is the most knowledge you will gain anywhere on how to start and expand a business.

So why wait get your business started right now

This E book include the following:

◦ How to start marketing your business 

◦ Setting up your company 

◦ Physical business start up

◦ Virtual/online business start up

◦  Accomplish the next level in your business 

◦ Taxes 

◦ How to grab attention (how to meet target market?)

◦ How to increase sales rapidly 

◦ How to get funded